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Professional Imaging is the largest provider of consultations for swallowing disorders in the United States.  

Our objective to provide the most timely and in-depth medical evaluation based on the patient's needs.   

We take pride in offering the most comprehensive, patient-centered, on-site evaluations available in the medical community.  

Each Professional Imaging clinic is staffed with a licensed physician, a certified speech language pathologist, and a driver technician whom aids in transportation of patients to and from facilities.  The physician compiles a complete medical history of each patient by performing extensive chart review, interview of family, staff, or patient as appropriate. Once a patient’s case history is completed the doctor then performs a focus-expanded physical exam of the patient along with the radiographic MBSS in conjunction with the speech language pathologist. Upon completion of the consultation, recommendations are made to the primary care physician, facility SLP, and facility nursing staff.  

Not only will we provide efficient delivery of high quality services, but we will also be dedicated to treating each and every patient with dignity and respect.   We continually strive to be the leader in service providers of specialized dysphagia evaluations.


How to Schedule

Scheduling is easy. 

These are the elements required to complete the scheduling process:

  1. A copy of the patient's face sheet or a copy of their insurance cards (both are better if possible)
  2. A completed intake (scheduling form) You can download the paper form here, or you can complete an online scheduling form here.  An additional signature page must be signed and submitted when using the online scheduling form.
  3. Conditional. A signed Doctor's order is required for Texas Healthspring patients, or if the facility SLP does not sign the intake (scheduling) form.  

After the above documentation has been collected and completed, you can fax the paper records to (877) 676-6277, or email scanned copies to

To complete this process via smartphone or tablet, fill out our online scheduling form, then use a scanner app to capture facesheet and signature page.

Recommended Scanner apps: 

iPhone/iPad:  Genius Scan

Android:  CamScanner